What is your favorite meal of the day? Breakfast! I can eat waffles (or pancakes) smothered in butter and gooey Aunt Jemima syrup anytime of the day.

Why do you make stop motion videos? 

I was having Whoppers (yeah, those malted milk balls) for lunch one day, and being one that plays with her food, I thought I’d check out the Instagram video feature. This monkey is what came out of it. It’s not awesome at all, but I thought, Hey…that was kind of cool, and I was hooked.

I really enjoy making them. It helps me combine my love for design, creativity, and movement into a video. I am constantly inspired by colors, objects, brands, companies, and the people around me. Therefore, I wanted a space where I could play around with video to capture these things. I’m still very much a novice, but hopefully with the right amount of skill, motivation, and creativity, I’ll get better.

How do you make them?

My earlier work was shot on my iPhone 5s or 6s. I used either a tripod and mount, an iStabilizer Flex, or set-up a makeshift tripod (with books, boxes, igloos, cans, chairs, etc.) to set up the camera. I then used the Vinyet app to record, edit, and add music to the video.

I now shoot all the images on a Sony a6300 mirrorless camera, and use a combination of iMovie, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Adobe Lightroom to edit the images and put them together into a stop motion animation.

I always have a game plan in mind, and map out/draw what I want to happen in my video first, before actually shooting the images. Sometimes, after I’ve taken all the shots and put them together, I realize that my idea wasn’t that well executed, so I’ll go back and re-do it all…I know!

Does it take a long time? 

You’re moving each object…shooting…moving…shooting…moving…shooting—this can take a while. Sometimes you’ll find that creating the set—finding or making props, setting-up, gluing, taping, etc., take longer than actually shooting the video (e.g. in Koala Saves the Pink Starburst—it was easy to move the objects once the jungle was set up). Stop motion videos take a lot of patience. I can spend hours or days making just one. This includes setting up the tripod, positioning the camera, creating the stage, making props, shooting, editing, finding music, and then uploading it. To answer the question: Yes, but I love it!

Top image: Waffle from the original Barnaby’s Cafe on Fairview (Houston); shot with my iPhone. (In my opinion, this is the best waffle around town!) 


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